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What are Juicers in Steam?

Steam juicers are becoming increasingly popular as the truth about how nice the juice created is gets out. But what are steam juicers? Steam juicers typically have three components: the water bath, the bottom portion, the center juice kettle, and the top steamer bucket.  Steam juicers are constructed of stainless steel and have an aluminum frame.If you are looking for more info, Expert Juicer Reviews

How do you deal for Steam Juicers?

You load the pan with water first.  Put on the burner and let boil.  Place the juice kettle on top of the water pan— this is where the juice is collected and drained through a hose.  First you put the rinsed fruit (no need to stem or pit!) in the vapor basket and allow it to steam.  After 40 minutes, juice should start filling the juice kettle and the whole cycle will take about an hour to complete.  Enthusiasts agree the steam juicer juice is the strongest and smoothest that they’ve ever tasted. You can use berries, as well as vegetables.  And you can make tasty jellies, syrups and much more, as well as juices.

Who makes Steam Juicers?

There are two main steam juicer manufacturers: the Finnish firm Opa, which produces the Mehu-Liisa steamer (pronounced’ Mehu Lisa’) and the Back to Basics, which makes a similar product.  They come with recipes and instructions— though it’s very simple to use a steam juicer, and extremely fast to clean.  There are no movable sections and there is no need for power.

Oh wait, there is more to it…

The steam juicers may also be used as steam cookers, both the Back to Basics and the Mehu Liisa.  Only cut the part of the juice kettle and you have a steam cooker-the healthiest way to cook and eat vegetables.  Great also for steaming rice, fish, chicken, clams, cookies, puddings and more. The steamer basket often serves as a colander to generate spaghetti easily drained, lettuce cleaned, tomatoes, and garden goods.  And, of course, The water pan can be used for stewing, simmering and boiling as a large pan.  You can’t have more flexibility than that…