An Insight On USFloridaPropertyManagementLLC

To choose from a long list of rental management services and then choose the right rental management company can be complicated and overwhelming. Whilst rental property companies are beginning to present themselves as being different to sales companies, both are managed by real estate agents and the relevant statutory requirements. All companies are required to ensure that every office is managed under the strict guidance of a licensed estate agent.USFloridaPropertyManagementLLC

Rental management services are often overlooked by owners and investors as they pursue discounted fees. This might shock you… real estate agents are often thought of as being dishonest. In fact, the Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2014 (Australia) has confirmed that real estate agents rank among the lowest trusted professionals in Australia. From a survey of 644 Australians whereby participants were asked to rank professions on their honest and ethics the results were very interesting. Roy Morgan’s survey concluded that, “Once again Car Salesman (3%, down 1%) rank at the bottom of the list – a position they have held for over 30 years. The only other professions in single digits for ‘ethics and honesty’ are Advertising people (8%, down 1%) just behind Real Estate Agents (9%, down 3%).” Number one in the rankings were nurses followed by pharmacists and then doctors. At the bottom of the scale were car salespeople (30th), advertising agents (29th)and real estate agents at 28.

Focusing on agency fees alone will come at the expense of good quality services. The classic catch phrase of, “pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys”, might be a little far fetched but it does beg the question, are rental management services more important in the long run than cheap rental management fees? With ethics and honesty coming into question about real estate agents, how sure are you about your existing rental property manager? Perhaps it is time you reflected on the rental management services you have received from your existing property manager during the past year. Perhaps it is time for you to visit some alternative rental management companies and seriously think about engaging a professional property manager from a credible rental management company who will deliver the proper rental management services you deserve.