CentralPennContracting –  An Overview

As property owner or manager, building maintenance is something that you should know by heart as this is the key to realising steady streams of income and extending the life of your property. But property maintenance isn’t only the sole responsibility of the owner or manager. Tenants and residents likewise have responsibilities in making the premises as useful and functional as it should be, but their duties are usually limited to minor repairs and replacements, and taking care of existing furnishings. useful reference

The responsibilities of the property owner or manager basically revolve around general maintenance and major repairs. See to it that the common areas such as the lobbies, elevators, stairs, escalators, emergency exits, park spaces, gardens, public toilets and other common rooms are clean, useful and habitable. The furniture, fixture, appliances, plumbing and equipment in these areas should be in top condition, being checked regularly and repaired or replaced whenever necessary. You likewise are responsible for solving issues concerning municipal utilities.

It’s unlawful to neglect your duties, which causes the property to become less than habitable by standards and leads to accidents, injuries and inconveniences. Proper building maintenance is necessary to keep your tenants satisfied and happy. Dissatisfied tenants can freely cut short the leasing contract with you and move to another location that’s more suitable for them. As long as you keep the building or property in excellent condition, it remains attractive for prospect tenants, and existing tenants would definitely decide to extend their stay in your premises, providing you with long-term deals.