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Jaws clenched shut and teeth crushing. These are stress related symptoms in this stressful times. Tension caused by such things as job insecurity, inflation and identity crises among men and women is reflected in abnormal, potentially harmful mouth movements. Bruxism, grinding of the teeth and clenching jaws while sleeping has become more common among adults as a release for tension. A common neuromuscular problem nowadays, the clicking of jaw joints causes side effects like headaches, vertigo, and ear pain. Orthodontics Services in Kennewick

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One of the revelations of bruxism studies is that the condition is seen in more women than men who are above the 40 age bracket. Tensions of women are frequently released through the mouth, while men’s tensions are often reflected in stomach problems. Jaw straps and plastic retainers are methods one can use to avoid teeth damage, but unless the frustrations causing tension are dealt with, the problem cannot be cured.

Bruxism is a problem among many others in the dental world that orthodontists are only discovering now. The field of orthodontics over the past few years has broadened beyond teeth straightening for the purpose of cosmetics. New techniques and theories have sprung up, and these involve the overall facial structure.

Adolescent dental problems are not the only problems orthodontics deal with because this area of dentistry relates to a lot of adults too. Orthodontists need to be mindful of what they are doing especially when their patients are adults. Adult tissues can degrade more easily than the tissues of children.

Deformities resulting from jaw protrusion and clefts in the lips or palate may be reconstructed by advances in procedures involving a blend of both orthodontics and plastic surgery, he said. According to him, about two thirds of all those who go to the orthodontists year have cases involving jaw growth. The teeth will usually go where the jaw is at. Placing the jaw at the right place would most likely lead the teeth also to the place they’re supposed to be. Through surgery or corrective appliances, the underdeveloped jaw may be guided to grow properly.

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Orthodontics may be preventive, even if it is considered to be optional. Those who suck their thumbs may wind up with a condition called improper tongue thrust, which can lead to speech impediment and improper swallowing. Teeth can change their positions drastically because of the strength of the tongue.

The upward and downward forces exerted by chinstraps are useful in correcting abnormal bite. Loss of teeth, bone damage, and jaw joint problems may result from a bad bite. Dental devices have improved in the cosmetic sense because the materials used in making them have been improved as well. Metal mouths will not look better when compared to plastic in the mouth, but it will work better.

The laminagraph, a new radiography apparatus, is being used frequently in the field of orthodontics. In one shot, the lamina graph can capture the whole dentofacial region in an Xray and only use one sixth the normal amount of radiation. As a diagnostic tool, laminagraphy is very effective, but it will not take the place of individual X rays.