Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

With the increasing number of offenses now considered federal crimes, the legal services of federal criminal defense attorneys are more critical today. Practically all criminal charges have been brought in state courts in the past. Nevertheless, in recent years, the amount of types of offences now being prosecuted as federal crimes has risen to over 100, including more than 4,000 criminal offenses. Get more informations of Stroleny Law, P.A..

The US Congress has enacted numerous laws in recent years mandating lengthy federal prison sentences on a wide variety of crimes, from murder and drug dealing. Apart from offenses prohibited under these statutes, a crime is also considered to be a federal offense if it occurs within U.S. federal property, such as airports or national parks, or if it occurs in more than one State.

A point system is used to determine the appropriate federal offences penalties. That form of federal crime holds a predefined point value to which, among other things, additional sanctions are applied based on whether firearms are being used or how much narcotics are involved. The range of potential federal criminal conviction penalties may include long term imprisonment, steep fines, or being on probation for a given period of time.

Given the severity of these repercussions, anyone facing an alleged infringement of federal laws must immediately seek legal counsel from one of the trusted federal criminal defense attorneys in one’s place. The prosecutor should work to reduce the allegations against his client when possible. If the lawsuit has been brought, he can provide legal advice and support to ensure the best possible result for the claimant through every phase of the trial process.