Get Free Legal Services

Many people complain that it is not affordable to provide free legal services which ends up putting undue pressure on the rest of the economy. In this article I look at some of the main issues that arise in the provision of free legal services, particularly in the context of the fact that the majority of these are supported by tax revenues to which the general public contributes. Visit us on ROSENBERG, MINC, FALKOFF & WOLFF, LLP.

An issue that can divide and unite opinion Where the cost of legal services is too high and there is no provision for a department of free legal services, you are likely to have a situation where the criminal justice system is disproportionately convicting the less well of community members. Hence you have a system of justice where deprivation is equal to blame. It is nonsense to think that people are going to be so aggrieved by the justice system that they will try to find their own way to obtain legal assistance. If you’re looking for food, and the judge wants to commit you for a crime you haven’t committed, then you’re likely to plead guilty unless there’s someone willing to provide you with free, legal services.

The legal profession has broadly supported the idea that justice must be accessible to everyone regardless of income or social status. However, the same legal profession was frustrated by the incapacity of the government to properly manage the projects they are taking on. They tend to give up on the poor when there’s legal aid and refuse to pay the lawyers fees. The attorneys are then compelled either to leave their company or to provide free legal services of their own. It must be recognized because even most law houses act as corporations and are unable to provide free services. The government must step up to the plate and make sure it provides the proper free legal services that the citizens deserve and demand.