Image Line Painting – Benefits to the Homeowner

If you have been thinking of talking a big paint job on your own, make sure you consider the many benefits that painting companies give their clients. Image Line Painting

Often, home owners are tempted to tackle a big paint job on their own to save a little money. While some simple tasks are easily accomplished by the average do it yourselfer, painting companies give their customers numerous benefits, outside of just having the job done. If you need to paint something in your home, consider hiring a professional painter.


You may not think that this job has many safety risks, but in fact it does. Climbing on a ladder, working with solvents, and even stirring up dust during the process can put your safety at risk. Professional contractors have training and experience in the job and can do it safely, protecting you from any potential danger.

In addition to physical safety, this job can put your health at risk. Lead-based paints, which are present in any building built and painted before 1978, create serious health risks when sanded or scraped as you get the room ready to be painted. Painting companies know how to handle this potential toxin safely, and you and your family are kept away from it during the process.

Time Saving

No matter how easy it is, this job is time consuming. Professionals save you your valuable time by taking care of the entire process for you, freeing you to pursue your moneymaking endeavors or spend time with your family.

Getting Ready

As a homeowner, you may not know how to properly prepare the service for the paint to adhere well. Professional contractors do. Proper preparation before you begin to paint means the difference between a job that sticks and one that flakes and chips easily. Hiring a professional ensures that the area is properly prepared before the paint is applied.

In addition, professional contractors know how to prep the non-painted surfaces carefully. Taping off windows, draping floors, and protecting furniture is all much better handled by a professional contractor than a homeowner. Hiring a contractor ensures that your belongings and windows are protected during the process.


Do you know what you should do with a can of paint that you are done with? You cannot throw it in the trash because of the environmental impact it could have. It is considered a hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly. If you have ever done a paint job in your home, you likely still have the can floating around somewhere because you didn’t know what to do with it. Painting companies have disposal processes in place and know exactly what to do with any residual paint or leftover cans. You will not have to worry about them when the job is done, because your contractor will take care of it.