Injured in A Car Accident-An Info

When you are injured in a car accident is can be scary. There is an overwhelming feeling of loss of control when you are involved in one. It does not matter whether it is your fault or not, it can still shake you up. As a result car accident injuries can occur and you need to know what to do about them.Some injuries are apparent and others creep up on you. You can be hurt and require hospitalization. Or, you can feel fine and then begin to get a stiff neck. Neither should be ignored. For one it is obvious, for the other less severe injury you can feel like you are going to be fine and brush it off. Resist this temptation.You will want to get a police officer on the scene to fill out a police report. This is for documentation that the accident occurred and where is was, including the time. You also want this record for insurance purposes.

You also want to note any stiffness you are feeling on the report. Once the accident is cleared get yourself to a doctor to get checked out. This is also true with anyone riding in the car as well. Everyone will need to be examined. If you have to go to an emergency room or see if your doctor is available, but do it immediately.

When you speak to your insurance company let them know the physical injury you or anyone else has suffered. You can be sure that they will ask for the police report and the doctor’s report. You can also find a personal injury attorney if you feel like the healing process is going to take a long time. Most of these types of attorneys will wait on payment until the case is settled but will still work hard on your behalf so you can concentrate on healing.Do not ignore car accident injuries. You will end up spending money out of your own pocket when an insurance company should have covered the cost. Whiplash incidents are vital for healing and should not be ignored. Protect yourself and your health and take any injury seriously, no matter how minimal it seems.