Key Aspects Of – Arizona Sedan & Limo

Limousines, or limos for short, are unusual and unique long luxury cars, which traditionally sport black or white colors, and may sometimes have other colors, like pink, blue and grey. Limousines are generally driven by chauffeurs and are usually associated with the wealthy and privileged. Think of the impressions the word ‘limousine’ conjures up: Hollywood stars, tycoons, VIPs, and the bride and groom on wedding day. A limousine is an elegant add-on that enhances the festivity of the occasion.Do you want to learn more? Visit find this.

Generally, the common use of limousines and chauffeured transportation include services such as VIP airport transportation, funerals, weddings, school proms, corporate parties, birthday events, tour services, shopping, nights-on-the town, clubbing, and transport to or from a resort and from crosstown.

While a large number of limousines are owned by wealthy individuals, many are also owned or operated by governments for transporting senior politicians and dignitaries, and by large corporations for transporting executives. Most limousines also operate as rental car types, upmarket competition to taxis.

The word limousine is derived from the name of the French region ‘Limousin’, and refers to the long cloaks once worn by the shepherds in the French countryside.

Historically, the limousine has been defined an extension of a large sedan. Longer frames and wheelbase allow the rear passenger compartment to contain the usual forward facing passenger seat, however with a substantial amount of foot room, which is more than actually needed. Usually then two jump seats are mounted, and face rearward behind the driver. These seats could be folded up when they are not in use.