Merritt Supply – Boat Maintenance Tips

Once scratches have appeared, a paint job is in order. This would prevent rust from eating away at the hull.

Winterization refers to the preparation of your boat for very cold conditions. You might need to take your boat out of the water and store it in a climate-controlled environment.

Another method is to sail your yacht to warmer harbours, where seawater never freezes.

Maintain your bilge pump and boat engine

Boats sink primarily because the hull has been overwhelmed with water. To ensure that water is efficiently taken out of the hull, you need to make sure that your bilge pump is functioning properly at all times. Do proper maintenance checks and tune ups on it, especially when you take your boat on distant journeys.Merritt Supply

As for the boat engine, its fuel tanks, lines and clamps should be inspected for corrosion. Salt water easily damages metals, so routine checks must be undertaken. The engine’s cooling system should not only work properly, it should also supply the correct data to the ship captain.

These steps can help prevent many – but not all – unforeseen disasters. For those things that you simply cannot foresee or prevent, it helps to have marine insurance. This will give you peace of mind in times of safety, and it will be the helping hand you need most sorely when unforeseen disasters strike.