Mortgage Branches – Loan Modification

Development of a net loan modification division is a straightforward and successful choice for anyone in the debt reduction or real estate sectors. check here

First, simply having “mods” loan as a product offering will give you another “fish hook” for customers to go fishing with. For real estate agents, most short sales begin with someone who wants to keep their house regardless of whether they qualify or not, and for those who offer debt settlement, this offering works hand in glove with your debt reduction services. Currently, loan modification services are not licensed in most states, although compliance regulations are extensive, so you most likely won’t need a specific license as long as you have an employer from a law firm.

Moreover, it’s much better to have a loan adjustment because the creditor understands if the borrower often has their consumer debt reduced, so you will resolve consumer debt for less by telling the bank how a lowered interest balance would boost their opportunity to invest and raise consumer debt settlement funds.

A good loan change net branch opportunity will include the following components: training, how to originate the file, legal compliance and FTC guidelines, training on how to sell the service-in short, training for all you need to know, including some role-playing examples to fine-tune your real world sales skills.

Marketing materials, including direct mail, flyers, email copy, email autoresponders A website that puts you in business, looks good, and builds trust in your organization Contracts and forms to originate, deal with Home Affordable legislation, correctly structure a budget, etc.

Price control, so you can upsell and downsell, really work like a business owner, while having a financial incentive to create a higher perceived value and generate more profit.

Ongoing compliance training A full backend of the law firm, which means you will work for a law firm on a technical level.

While loan mods nearly disappeared in 2009, the fact is that they are a viable option for many homeowners and, frankly, the banks are better served to alter existing mortgages than to take back the properties. Furthermore, loan modifications are starting to boom again because the success rates are higher (the banks want to avoid a rush of strategic defaults, people who can afford to pay but don’t want to), principal reductions are more likely, and homeowners need help. Furthermore, certain loan modification downstream firms may arrange short sales, or full bankruptcies, theoretically offering another source of revenue when representing the best interests of the customer.