Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera With Audio

You may are ready know that hidden spy cameras are nothing more than board cameras that are placed inside items that you see everyday. Usually they are working items to further the deception. Some examples include clock radios, CD players, wall mirrors, vanity mirrors, motion detectors, thermostats, exit signs, boomboxes and wall clocks to name some of them.

All spy cameras can transmit images to a TV or computer but to record those images you need a DVR or VCR.

Some of the newer models have a DVR built-in. Other models that are considered “body worn” models even have a small microphone. Those models include a ball point pen, sunglasses, a car key and the stick camera. These are especially good for private investigators or anyone who wants to get an audio and video recording of an incident. That could be a lot of people!Additional resources¬†spy camera with audio.

The wall clock hidden spy camera with built-in DVR not only tells you what time it is but also can keep an eye on things when you’re not there. And let’s face it you can’t be around all the time. This particular spy camera has office, home and business applications which makes it very versatile..

Here’s how it works:

  1. Aim the wall clock in the general direction that you want to record.
  2. When you plug it in that powers the clock, the camera and the DVR.
  3. Use the remote control to adjust any settings like motion activation area masking, speed and resolution.
  4. Again using the remote control you can start recording. Up to 144 hours of recording time is available.

Images are recorded on an 8 GB SD card that is inserted into the back of the wall clock. To play back the images remove the SD card and insert it into the SD card reader on your computer. How easy is that?